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This is just amazing man, really solid design. I hope to be at this level some day.

shammiemaa responds:

Thank you! I bet you will man, just keep doing it ;)

Really awesome, was this inspired by Bloodborne at all? If not you should check out some of the art work for it.

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Ccrawler responds:

Thanks! No, I didn't know Bloodborne until you mentioned it. Watching a gameplay video right now, seems pretty amazing.

the pose is very fluid and i'm in love with your linework, it has so much character! extra points for adventure time fan art.

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knightsproject responds:

Thank you, glad you like it:) Yup, gotta love Adventure time!

Wow I really didn't expect it to go in the direction it did. Really cool idea and perfectly made

That cat is incredible! I might have to try paint some of these for practice.

Really great potential here, great style it reminds me of castle crashers. The one thing about it that stopped me putting 5 stars was the colour/shading I felt there needed to be more contrast in the colours however if this was intentional I take it back.

min3ralWater responds:

Thanks! The castle crashers art style was exactly what I was going fore. Perhaps you're right about the contrast. I'll keep that in mind.

Solid design, linework and great shading, this is my favorite out of the two, just look at that shading!

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This looks so cool as pixel art. Do you have any higher resolution versions available, i really want it as my wallpaper.

Also, what programme did you use for this?

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TinyStuffz responds:

I use a program for Mac called Pixen, it's great for pixel animation too. The file is a png, so no matter the res, the quality will stay nice and crisp :)

I saw the thumbnail and thought "that looks like doublemaximus" I WAS RIGHT!

Good luck on the project, I love your art!

doublemaximus responds:

Hahah thank you! I am glad that I was able to be recognized! :D

Awesome colours, linework but the shading makes it for me, it's simple but so effective!


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